sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

so many blogs and bloggers...

All explanations given, it's time to upgrade this blog.
Having returned from hollidays, I have now (finally) some spare time to spend in front of this machine. Depending on how the next weeks will go, i (hope) might not have time for this, so...

I've decided to add my favourite blogs =)
(isn't it great, to decide something and being able to make it happen right after? I sometimes wish this could happen more frequently... hehehe)

2 comentários:

VM disse...

Humm muito me agrada saber que eu estou nos teus favoritos, deves-me a leitura do meu 1o conto (ou blognovela, como queiras)
Benvinda das ferias

_SunFlower_ disse...

grazie!! =)

assim que tiver 5m passou por lá para ler =) =***